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Recently i have visited the CSIRO page, in which i have noticed about one invention, the detailed information i have presented over here for the readers, 


“Carbon Nano-tubes could go antiballistic”

As we know well the existing body armour is heavy to wear as well as having some limitation over the design aspect. To overcome this, Principal Research Scientist of CSIRO Textile and Fiber Technology, Dr Stephen Hawkins, invented one innovative technique for the mankind. He developed Carbon Nano Tubes as Ballistic resistant material, Further in that report he said, “Generations of polymers and ceramics have been developed to keep pace with the threat and lessen the burden of the armour but now a new material – carbon nanotubes or CNTs – is set to move ballistic protection into new territory,” .


CSIRO’s Carbon Nanotubes for Ballistic Protection project was one of eight selected as part of the latest round of Defence CTD Program funding. Dr Hawkins says CNTs are amongst the first of the new wave of nano-structured materials and offer extraordinary properties of strength, stiffness and lightness. CSIRO Textile and Fibre Technology has established a capability to produce very highly specified CNTs with the unique characteristic of being able to be drawn directly into yarn.  This in combination with other advanced materials will form the basis of the new antiballistic structures. “No single material has all of the properties required for ballistic protection, so a successful application of CNTs would see them as part of an integrated system with greater strength and flexibility and reduced weight,” Dr. Hawkins says. “CNTs are fibres of pure carbon that are only 1 to 100 nanometres in diameter but up to millimetres in length.” For further info kindly have a look over http://www.csiro.au/news/antiballistic.html.