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The dynamics of global apparel trade is undergoing a major change and players worldwide are waiting to see how the change will affect their business. Which are the factors according to you that will influence the direction in which global sourcing in apparel will move in the coming seasons and will India get a bigger share in the sourcing pie, once the picture becomes clear? (Qn published in the Mind Tree Section – Apparel Online) (This was published on the Feb Month 08.)

It is undeniable statement that; clothing industry playing a leading role in the export growth of our Asian zone. Of course one can clearly states that international trade depends on the economic condition, government policies and industries responsibility towards the sustainable production techniques. The sectoral studies series report of UNIDO states that, the apparel sector is identified as a buyer – driven value chain which contains three types of lead firms; retailers, marketers and branded manufacturers. In the growing market conditions every part of the chain must concentrate to build the capabilities to meet the requirement and they have to upgrade themselves with their social responsibilities. The main advantage for India is its position as the third largest cotton producer in the world and well equipped spinning and weaving sectors. However these advantages won’t help us to overcome some issues like rupee appreciation and emerging competitiveness from our neighboring countries. The other general factors which may influence the sourcing are the lack of skilled labour force, technical skills, cost for the production and energy, time schedule for the delivery, capacity to meet the demand and lack of well equipped market based research team. The above said issues can be nullified only if the industries are adapting the social accountability, sustainable way of production with the consideration of energy conservation and the social responsibilities. Industries have to focus mainly on the eco-friendly and pollution free production in all stages of manufacturing to attract the foreign buyers.

Azhahia Manavalan Raman

Executive – Team Technical

CONQUEST – Tirupur.