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The rupee appreciation hit the Ready Made Garment business heavily. However Indian textile manufacturers are having high potential to tackle. According to my perception Indian textile professionals must concentrate on the opportunities available in the functional garments. The growing Indian economy surely makes our existing buyers to shift their business to our neighboring countries. This situation surely affects the Indian industries which are not ready to diversify their production / products. There is and will a good scope for the functional products production. Apart from the fashion apparel garments, there is a wide scope for the technical textiles / garments, like thermal garments, sports garments, and special- application oriented garments etc. If one can catch such business in the years, surely will yield a good profit. The production of such special garment / products is easy for us because of our existing highly build technology and skills; which our counterparts/ Neighbors may not.

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Raman Azhahia Manavalan

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