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Its time to enjoy!

Yes finally i made my first research publication in one international journal. ( i think its my second, yes earlier one was conference publication). When i started that work i felt iam going to sink! but with the constant support and motivation form my Master Dr. A Mukhopadhya,  some how i managed to brought me up. He says writing a review article is not so easy! but intially i felt easy but later when i started to do in depth analysis about the material, i really enjoyed (of course with little struggle!!). Its about four months of hard review work and six months of constant updation and three months of copyrights and publication efforts. Oh such a huge time gap.

I beleive time is a factor which influences us in many ways. The feeling of delayed publication is like a period of maternity!

Yes i enjoyed that feeling! As my master Dr. A Mukhopadhyaya says, “make your work in international publication” with his constant and hard support i / sorry we made it in the international pubvlication. Yet this is another feather in my professor Dr Mukhopadhyay’s crown and a stepping stone for me!

CHeck my publication:

Published a Review paper on, “Surgical Sutures Performance, Development and Use”, International Journal of Biomimetics Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering, Vol 1, August 2008. http://www.scientific.net/0-00000-026-4/

Co-authored for the paper, “Enhancement of Surface Filtration”, presented by Dr. A Mukhopadhyay at Fiber Society Spring Conference 2007 – USA. http://www.thefibersociety.org/Assets/Past_Meetings/BooksOfAbstracts/2007_May_BookAbstracts.pdf (Page No: 44)