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Yesterday (3rd September 2011) in Tirupur a session was organized by Tirupur Exporters Association (TEA) & Tirupur Stakeholders Forum to launch the “Guidance Document on Recruiting and facilitating welfare to the Spinning mill and knitwear export house male and female workers” at IKFA Complex Tirupur.

Its an initiative by a “Ethical Brands Working Group” which is a team of representatives from various western brands aimed to find solutions to the labor welfare issues associated with the knitwear sector. It seems the initiative was triggered way back to 2009/2010 (The possible reasons and relevant documents for references were listed at the end of this post)  and with the inputs from the industry and various onsite visits and evaluation the working group developed a guidance document in align to meet the labor standards.

The guidance document was released in the presence of Honorable Minister for Rural Industries, Mr. C Shanmuga velu & Minister for Handloom and Textles Mr. B V Ramanaa by the Representatives of Ethical Brands Working Group (alas i forgot that Gentleman’s name!) . TEA President Shri. A Shakthivel, Mr. Chandran of Eastmen, Mr. Karthikeyan were addressed the function.

This is a good initiative by the Industries in collaboration with the NGO’s, Brands Representatives, Industry, Government & People’s representatives. Initiatives of this kind will change the image of the industries and give prospective business clients, Tirupur Business community took a positive and constructive step towards sustainable and ethical practices in the apparel production and export process.

Unfortunately i could not able to get the copy of the Book. I hope it will be available in their portal soon. Once they publish will share the Link Here.

Couple of Links and Interesting documents in related with the TSF, Ethical Brands, were found at internet and all are listed below:

  1. Captured by Cotton (A Report which details the field visits and study conducted by a local NGO in Tirupur on Labour rights violations in Tirupur, I think this report might have triggered the brands to have such an initiative in Tirupur!. This report details about the Sumangali Scheme and labor violations by a famous mill in Tirupur)
  2. A Meeting Minutes Circulation of Multi Stake Holders Meeting.
  3. The Hindu News Paper Coverage about this Event
  4. An Announcement found at TEA Portal