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The Internet revolution and secured online shopping did wonders in the way people buy and sell the products! The recent study conducted by “Ibi” a research Institute of University of Regensburg – Bavaria reveals that, during the  Christmas sales in US 61% of books sold  were through Online Shopping, where as the apparel fashion items are only 7%. Out of which 40% of the garments were returned to the shop because of its “In Appropriate”Size!

Recently i came across an interesting article in Economist which covered the story under the Technology and Fashion column.

Two unique ideas were discussed in that article and they are really interesting, this post might trigger the budding entrepreneurs in the web development and fashion design domain to try out some thing new and innovative with the use of ICT Tools!

How about having our own size numbers shared with the Online Retailers by uploading the detailed measurements based on which they will recommend us the “Likely to Fit” Garments. The measurements were taken with the aid of web camera and a compact disc as a reference stuff! By posing in front of the camera the data were captured by their system and their program will calculate the exact size sets.  This innovative concept was conceived by the graduate students of Berlin’s Humboldt University, they also started their venture in the name of “UPcload“. Their unique idea won the government grants too! The detailed coverage of Guardian can be read Here.

The Second interesting idea was developed by Anna Powell Smith a web developer and Fashion Enthusiast. She developed a web program – What Size Am I? which finds the “Closest Fit”sizes available in different online stores based on your measurements (Bust, Waist and Hips). The app also shows an interactive graph of sizes with which you fit in. The web app was developed with the collected set of existing size set data of the online retailers. The detailed article can be read Here.

I strongly believe that any problem can be addressed and resolved by the scientific approach with the help of Technological Tools.  In the field of Textile, Fashion and Apparel the opportunities are enormous! The discussed two unique innovative ideas are perfect example!

Raman Azhahia Manavalan

Virtual Vastra Team | Principal Consultant – WISE Management Systems