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Yesterday while i was surfing through the CNN Portal, i cam across the article post on the CEO of Dupont Ms. Ellen Kullman (56). When the CNN reporter Ellen Florian asks about the Best advice Ms Kullman got, she replied as,

My dad started and ran a landscaping business. He put me to work watering plants for my grandmother and for our house. His mantra was, ‘If you don’t water it, it’s going to die.’ That was the job I hated most: pouring water on those darn flowers. But my mother and my grandmother had the most beautiful gardens in town. “When I got out in the world, my father’s advice translated into investing yourself in what you’re building in order for it to grow. In 1998, I was asked to start a safety business at DuPont. I wasn’t given a lot of direction. I picked four other people in the company with different backgrounds to join me. On Friday afternoons, when we were dead tired and out of ideas, I used to bring the team together and ‘water plants.’ We’d talk about what was wrong, what was right, what was working, and what wasn’t. We created a safety-consulting business that grew to a couple hundred million dollars in revenue in a few years and became the genesis of our safety and protection platform, which grew to about $5 billion. If you think about the things DuPont does today, that small group was the genesis of what is now a large focus of what we do“.


  1. “Investing yourself in what you’re building in order for it to grow”!.
  2. Creating a comfort Zone with the Team members to build a Successful Enterprise (Division). Meeting need not to be conducted at the A/C Board rooms or with the Fire ball in hand to through at each other!

Note: This company – Dupont When started their India Operations at Hyderabad, i was interviewed by Three Post Doctoral Scientists of Dupont for their Ballistic Resistant Materials Research Group. The interview went on multi levels / stages. Unfortunately i wasn’t recruited / received Positive news from them. But i still love this company for their innovative products and the commitment towards scientific research.