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Every Moment, Every Day, We learn New Things, things which helps us to nurture our growth and shape our future. Like the rest of the Gone Years, Year 2012 too had a lot many happy moments, lesson times, Fight Sessions,…  2012 taught me many things, things which i never be able to forget in my life…..

In the Year 2012 I had an opportunity to,

  • Get engage with New Friends with whom i shared many happy moments. [Both Online & Offline]
  • Learn and share the Thoughts about the “God” with Mr. Kannan
  • Develop a Strong relationship with my Clients, Well-wishers & Friends in a Win-Win Strategical Approach.
  • Learn what really matters to run the Business
  • Know what does it really means “The Partner” in a Business and  learned the Value of True Partnership.
  • Explore New Business Opportunities [SAP Promotion, E Commerce, E Learning, Utility Audits, Infrastructural & Safety Audit, Process Control Systems Audit, Energy Metering Solutions Etc]
  • Engage with the Strategic Senior Consulting Partners to develop and Promote our Business further.
  • Meet my Mentor Mr. KG Jawarlal, We met in Person in 2012 even though we know each other through online since 2008.
  • Work on an E Commerce Platform which we have developed for one of My Friend.
  • Work on E Learning Platform which aims to offer Training Programs through Seamless Network!
  • Learn More about “Internet of Things” and explore better ways to utilize them effectively. [Research through Google Effectively, Content Searching, Validating and Consolidation]
  • Launch the Virtual Research & Consultancy’s Platform with various Business Supporting Tools. [Forum, Surveying Tools, Project Management Tools, Virtual Working Groups, Team Collaboration Tools, E Learning & E Commerce Applications]
  • Get engage with New clients under New Business Banner.
  • have a New Laptop [Sony Vaio], Android Smart Phone [Sony Xperia Neo V]
  • Purchased few things, put few on saving…. Learned to plan and successful execution.
  • Understand & Interact with my Parents & Family Members very well.
  • Inspire Few College Kids and Mentor them.
  • Donate My Technical Books Collections to a Local Institution.
  • Over all the Entire year was “Positive” and drove me towards Progress…..

I Use this opportunity to thank My Mentors, Parents, Friends, Family Members and Business Associate Partners for having their Trust on Me and Supporting me towards the progress. [Collectively].

Once again Thank You All!

On the Shoulders of Giants – Looking Forward to 2013!!

Raman Azhahia Manavalan